About Us

Welcome to the Atcoustic Family!

Want to write an original, record a song or looking for live performers? Atcoustic is the right place for you. 

Atcoustic is founded by Aldrich, with a simple aspiration to create and share good music. We provide 3 main services namely (1) writing of original song, (2) recording of song, and (3) provision of live music. 

(1) Songwriting

Original songs offer a personal & meaningful message to that special someone. Whether it is for your wedding, birthday, theme songs or just for fun, Atcoustic is here to help you write that song. If you need a song for an event / project, or have an aspiration to write your own composition, contact us here.

(2) Recording of Song

Want to record that song you wrote or you just want to record a cover of your favourite songs? Atcoustic is here to help you. Whether it is a vocal recording with a karaoke track, an acoustic or full band arrangement of your song, contact us here.

(3) Live Music Entertainment

Good music is meant to be shared. Atcoustic is here to bring a unique experience of live music to your events. Our singers and musicians can perform a wide variety of genres like pop, jazz, top 40s, pop rock, classics evergreen & bossa in languages ranging from English, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian to Korean. Check out our list of Artistes here

Here are the possible combinations for a live band. We can also recommend you the ideal live band setup for your event according to your budget and music preference.

Band SetupPossible Arrangements
2-piece band (1 singer + 1 musician)
3-piece band(1 singer + 2 musicians) / (2 singers + 1 musician)
4-piece band(1 singer + 3 musicians) / (2 singers + 2 musicians)
5-piece band(1 singer + 4 musicians) / (2 singers + 3 musicians)

Let us know which artiste and instruments you prefer (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Strings). We believe in tailoring our music according to you. Contact us here for more details.

Check out more of our music at YouTube.com/Atcoustic. Let’s create good music and share it.